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The idea behind this is for it to be a ever growing template and SVG list of card folds. I have been compiling all the folds I have come across in a binder and I showed it to my online craft group and they wanted to know how I could share it. So this blog was born. I also belong to to a monthly craft club and my friends from the club will see their folds added to the list so thank-you, Karen, Lynn, Kim and Colleen.


Eventually, there will be a blog post with an instructional video and inspriation ideas for each fold.

The cards that already have a corresponding blog and video are in blue text. If you click on the card name it will take you to the blog post and video.

The templates can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon on the right hand side of the box with the template name.


The SVGs can be downloaded by clicking on the "download SVG". A new tab will open then right click your mouse and save. Some cards only have a SVG. This is because the card has a design that would be difficult to do from a template. For the SVGs the red lines are cut lines black are fold lines.


A lot of them are my own designs I made on my Cameo. Do you own a Cricut and need some help?

Download my Cricut notes here

Cricut download


Please be patient as I get everything uploaded. If you are looking for something let me know and I will see if I can find the directions.

Happy Crafting!


*Please note that some files are zip files due to their size and will have to be exacted after you download.

Types of Cards

Folds- measured/ template or SVG
Folds- made with dies
Shaped cards using an SVG




Folds-no special dies needed


Accordian cards

Accordian 6x6-February 13,2023 blog post -download SVG



Decorative Panel cards

Book bound 5x7 December 17, 2022 blog post - template   download SVG

Circle lattice folding 5x7 April 23, 2023- download SVG  template

Oval lattice folding 5x7-  download SVG   template

Peep-a-boo card April 8 blog post

Square latice folding 5x7-  download SVG    template

Slant line lattice folding 5x7- download SVG   template

Peek through flower 5x7 December 2, 2022 blog post-  template   download SVG

Window booklet card July 5, 2023 blog post


Easel cards

Basic easel card December 13, 2022 blog post, December 24, 2022 blog post

Basic easel with dies July 11, 2023 blog post

Diamond Easel 6x6 June 9, 2023 blog post- template1  template2   download SVG

Floating Easel 5x7 December 22, 2022 blog post-  template1  template2  download SVG

Oval Easel 5x7 December 7,2022 blogpost - template1  template2  download SVG

Reverse Easel 6x6 template1 template2 download SVG

See through Easel 6x6 December 19, 2022 blog post

See through easel template 

Circle seethrough template download SVG

Side Easel- rectangle 5x7 Novemeber 21, 2022 Blog

Side easel template

side easel graduation zip file graduation SVG

Twisted Easel 6x6 templatetemplate2  download SVG



Edged cards

Birthday script edged 5x7 download SVG

Flower panel 6x6 card download svg

Lattice panel 5x7 download SVG


Gatefold cards

Double dutch 5x7 December 5, 2022,  May 3, 2023 blog

template card base for letter size paper,   template cardbase for 12 x12 paper,   template for mats

SVG card base and mats 12 x 12 paper,   SVG card base and mats letter size paper

Edged Foldback gatefold 5x7 Feb 4, 2023 blog

Fold back gatefold 5x7 December 14,2022 blog   template   download SVG

Gatefold with a cutout 5x7 download SVG

Gatefold with shadowbox 5x7 Oct 1 2022 blog post, Dec 23,2022 blog post- template download SVG

Gatefold with Spinner 5x7 template  download SVG

Gatefold with wavy edge 5x7 download SVG

Shutter card 5x7 template1  template2  download SVG


Kenetic cards

Color Reveal

Conveyer Belt

Fan pop out card May 28, 2023 blog post


Flip Flap

Infinity 6x6 November 14 Blog post  template

Peek a boo card July 7, 2023

Puzzle card July 27, 2023 Blog post

Slide Reveal 5x7 template  download SVG

Slider October 23, 2022 Blog post  July 9, 2023 Blog Post

Spinner July 25, 2023 Blog post

Swinging arm January 9, 2023 blog post

Tent fold with hanging panel December 3, 2022 blog post

Tower Flap 5x7

Waterfall June 15, 2023 blog post,  June 15, 2023 Blog post SVG  template

Wiper July 29,2023 blog post



Pop out cards

Bay Window 5x7 December 6, 2022 blog post  template   SVG

Bench 5x7  template1 template2  SVG

Bendy 5x7 December 18, 2022 blog  template  SVG


Cube 5x7 template   SVG

Diorama 5x7 template  SVG

4 Panel pop out December 20,2022 blog -template1  template2  template3   SVG

Gift Card Holder 5x7 November 13, 2022 Blog posttemplate  SVG

Pop out Book 5x7 template SVG

Pop out center 5x7  template SVG

Pop out Pillar 5x7 template SVG

Pop up Box 5x7  template SVG

Pop up crate 5x7  template  SVG

Pop up Hexagon 6x6 template  SVG

Pop up Shadow Box template  SVG

Pop Up Tuxedo 5x7 November 3, 2022 Blog post - template1  template2  SVG

Tepee December 4, 2022 blog post-  template1  template2  SVG

Theater 5x7 September 9, 2022 Blog post  template1  template 2   SVG

3 step pop out 6x6 template   SVG


Rocker cards

Rocker 6x6 template download SVG

Rocker basket March 5, 2023 Blog post template1 template2 template3  SVG

Rocker with Swing 6x6 template1 template2 template3 SVG

Stepped Rocker 6x6 template SVG


Shaker cards

See through shaker

Recessed shaker September 18. 2022 blog

Infinity shaker December 8, 2022 blog

Detachable shaker

Snowglobe shaker July 1, 2023 blog


Slimline cards

Pop out panels download SVG

3 aperture download SVG

Constantina trifold December 9, 2022 blog download SVG

Stepper cards

Double Side Stepper 5x7 download SVG

Double Stepper 5x7 download SVG

Side Stepper 5x7 June 10, 2023 PDF download card base PDF download mat and layers

Stepper 5x7 December 1, 2022 Blog post  template  download SVG


Trifold cards

Constantina trifold with edge December 9, 2022 blog post

Trifold with 4 Panels 5 x 7 template 1 template 2 download SVG

Trifold with trifold insert 5x7 October 7, 2022 Blog post  download SVG

Trifold shutter 5x7 mated 3 ways

Download SVG



Z Fold cards

Double Z 5 x7 download SVG

Z fold with pop up box 5x7 download SVG

Z fold with front topper December 16, 2022 blog

Other Card Folds

Minicard tags July 3, 2023


A2 template

Folds- made with special dies


Karen Burniston

#1222 Bam Box-pop up December 30, 2022 blog post

# 1223 Wide Woven Basket April 11 blog post

#1131 Bitty ball Pop up Santa and Mrs. Clause July 31, 2023 blog post

#1210 Fireplace pop-up July 15, 2023 blog post

#1222 Bam Box Pop-up July 13, 2023 blog post

Shaped cards using a SVG

Birthday cake 

Birthday words slimline SVG

Christmas Gnome slimline SVG


Number year birthday cards

     1st birthday SVG

     2nd birthday SVG

     3rd birthday SVG

     4th birthday SVG

     5th birthday SVG

     6th birthday SVG

     7th birthday SVG

     8th birthbay SVG

     9th birthday SVG

    10th birthday

    13th birthday

    16th birthday

    18th birthday

    21st birthday

Wavy square card 6x6 March 12, 2023 blog post- SVG

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