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Center spinner card

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Todays’ Christmas in July card is a 5x7 card with a snowflake center that spins on a string. The snowflake is embossed with a glitter embossing power from Pink and Main. It’s beautiful but because of the glitter I do emboss it a little different. The important part of this card is to line up the circle die in the center. You can trim the edges if you are off a little bit.

There is a SVG linked below that has the circle cuts all lined up for you if you have the ability to cut a SVG. There is also a frame ready to go so all you have to do is cut 3 of each to make this card.


3- 5x7 white medium weight cardstock

3 4 ¾ x 6 ¾ print paper

½ x 6 acetate

White paper to stamp

Circle nesting dies about 3 ½ and 4 inches across

Gina K Blizzard stamp set

Pink and Main wintergreen embossing power

String- Filler Spool from jewelry making area

Sentiments from stash

Snowflake stamp


1.Mat and layer the white 5x7 and the 4 ¾ x 6 ¾ print paper and ally to dry.

2.Stamp the sentiments and cut out to desired shape and size.

3. Wipe white stamping paper with anti-static power and stamp 2 large snowflakes and 2 small snowflakes with pigment ink 3 times. Pour the glitter embossing powder over the stamp and pour the excess back into the jar. Heat up your heat gun until good and hot. Emboss from the back side of the paper. Once all of the powder is melted you can give the front a quick go over.

4. Take the circle die you want for the hole and 1 size up and nest them together evenly spaced and tape them together. This will be your frame. Cut 3 of them.

5. Score the 3 mated 5x7 cardstock at 3 ½ and give it a gentle fold.

6. Using a ruler, center the smaller nesting circle die you used to make the frame. The important port is left to right. The die can be more toward the top or bottom. Tape down and die cut. Fold the paper in half and make sure it is in the center before you continue. You can also make a template with another 5x7 paper if you want first.

7. Take the string and tape it over the top center of the hole on one of the papers. Fold it back on itself and tape again so it won’t slip. Pull the string taught and tape on the bottom like you did the top.

8. Place the 5x7 you cut over one of the uncut ones and use the hole to line up the die and cut the second and third papers.

9. Glue the left had side of 2 of the papers back-to-back then fold open.

10. Glue the third paper to the top of the other 2.

11. Lay the card flat with one of the snowflakes faced down in place and glue the other over the top.

12. Attach the acetate to the front of the card, attach the sentiment to the top. Attach other sentiments as you want.

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