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Pop-up Santa and Mrs. Clause

Here we are at the grand finale of Christmas in July. This card had to be special so I chose the Karen Burniston pop up Santa and Mrs. Clause in a slimline self-closure card. The video is longer than most but it has the direction for the construction for both Santa and Mrs. Clause as well as the magnetic closure slimline card. If you are only using one of the pop ups it will fit in a card as small as a an A2. It is only 4 inches across when closed. Only when you are using both pop ups do you need to make a custom card.

To make the Clauses you will need both sets- #1131 and #1176. I usually write out direction but this time around it is best to watch the video and then use the picture of the flattened completed bodies, in the slideshow above for reference.

I do have a list of how many pieces of each die you need below. I didn’t list a color for some of the Mrs. Clause’s pieces because there is some personal preference if you want to use all red and white or add some green to her clothing.

These pop ups are great fun and there are several characters and animals you can make with them. I have made frogs, snowman and jack in the boxes. If you look on her Facebook page Karen Burniston pop-up peeps you will see dozens of characters people have made.


Karen Burniston #1176 Character add-ons 2

Karen Burniston #1131 Botty Ball pop-up

Santa and Mrs. Clause will each need 2 red and 2 white pop-up ball pieces, 1 glasses, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 eye brows, 2 red arms, 2 hands, 2 cuffs

Santa- 1 red hexagon,1 flesh tone section from pop up ball base, 2 flesh tone ears, 1 hat, 1 pom pom, 2 hat side pieces, 10 white wavy trim, 6 black short belt pieces, 1 buckle, 2 black shoes

Mrs. Clause- 7 white scallops, 4 flesh tone sections from the pop-up ball, 2 white ears, 2 flesh tone ears, 1 hair bun,1 bow,1 apron top, 1 apron bottom,1 apron pocket, 6 long belt pieces, 2 feet, 2 shoes

Card base

1- 9 x 8 ½ red scored at 4 ¼

2- 4 ¼ x 9

1- 3 ¼ x 8 ½ green

1- 3 x 8 ¼ white

2- 9 x 1 green scored lengthwise every ¼ inch

1- ¼ x 9 print

1- 3 ¼ x 8 ½ white scored lengthwise every ¼ inch

1- 3 ½ x 8 ¾ green

Decorations for front from stash

2 magnets

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