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Edged Foldback Gatefold

This 5x7 card can be made with any edged die you have in your stash. A straight one will be easier to line up. Consists of 3 pieces to make the 15 in length. If you have 15 inch paper you can do at as one piece. The direction measure from the top and bottom to allow for different edges used.

Materials used

Crafter’s Companion Elegant Trellis edgable

Various flowers and stems from stash

12 x 12 paper

Stamps for sentiments

Paper sizes

1- 5x7

2- 5 ½ x 7


1. Line the top of the edgable with the top of the 5x7 and die cut.

2. Score both of the 5 ½ x 7 at ½ and 2 ½.

3. Line up the edgable with the top of the 5 ½ x 7 and die cut.

4. Repeat with the other 5 ½ x 7.

5. Decide where you want the 5 ½ paper to layer in front and trim the paper bottom on both papers.

6. Line up the die with the bottom of the paper. Only die cut from the 2 ½ inch line to the unscored side. Trim off the excess.

7. Glue the ½ inch tabs to the backside of the 5x7.

8. Decorate as you wish with flowers from your stash.

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