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Karen Burniston Christmas Pop out Fireplace

This pop out fireplace card is made using the Karen Burniston #1210 Fireplace pop up, and #1211, #1212 for the accessories. As all of Karen Burniston dies the fireplace goes together pretty easily then you can decorate for the occasion you need. I chose to make A Christmas card complete with dangling Santa legs. My card is 5x7 but it will fit in a A2.I did use Anna Griffin dies to make the rug and the card front.


5x7 card base

Karen Burniston dies #1210,1211.1212

3D Cardcentric Compendium Dies

Print paper 5x7(for “wallpaper”)

Wood print paper for floor

Gold mat mirror card

Red cardstock

Gray cardstock

White cardstock

Scrap in green, white, red, black, tan, brown to cut decorations


1.Die cut and glue the mat and layer and wording to the card front.

2. Glue the “wallpaper to the inside top of the card and the “floor” to the inside bottom of the card.

3. Die cut all the pieces in die #1210 plus cut a 1 ¼ x 3 the same color as the fireplace front. Cut 2 of the mantle piece, 1 piece will be the hearth.

4. Die cut all the decorations from set #1211 and set #1212 you want.

5. Fold the fireplace pop out mechanism forming the box and glue the tab.

6.Glue the hearth right up against the fold in the center of the floor and glue the fireplace front to the front of the pop-up mechanism.

7. Lay the fireplace, face down in the folded position on the card floor. Add glue to the tabs and the back of the fireplace and close the card and allow to dry. Slide the 1 ¼ x 3 paper into the fireplace from the side to form the back of the fireplace.

8. Decorate the fireplace as you wish. If popping out the candles or the flame use the rectangle 4 part die next to the flames. Fold on the fold lines. Fold in half and apply glue to the 1st and 4th sections and place in the fold where you want the pop out then attach the decorated piece to it.

9. Use a nesting die to make a rug and stamp your message on it.

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