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Karen Burniston #1223 Wide Woven Basket

Today I am making a pop-up flower bouquet from Karen Burniston. I am using her #1223 Wide Woven Basket Box Card. The basket can hold about 20 flowers so I also pulled the flower dies from #1010 Flower Pot pop -up and some from my stash to get enough flowers cut out quickly. You will need 4 of each of the 3 basket dies to make a basket.

Materials used

#1223 woven basket box die

Various flower dies from stash

Card stock in tan and brown for basket

Cardstock is various colors for About 20 flowers


1.Die cut 4 each of the 2 basket pieces. Use one color for one and a second color for the other.

2. Die cut 3 of the grass dies in green.

3. Cut out enough flowers to be able to make 20 flowers.

4.Take the 4-prong basket piece and weave it starting on the narrow end of the solid basket piece.Make sure it is flush on the side without the tab. Then start weaving on the wide end with the 3-prong piece. Glue the ends in place. Repeat with all 4 basket sides. Fold down the tabs.

5. Glue the 4 basket pieces together along the tabs.

6. Glue the tab on the a grass “beam” over of the 4-prongs. Allow to dry.

7. Apply glue to the other side of the green grass pieces and fold the down over it to attach to the other the basket and allow to dry.

8. Attach your flowers to the grass beans.

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