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Stepper- Craft Roulette #160

Today’s card is another card brought to you by Craft roulette. If you have not seen Craft Roulette it is a You Tube show on Friday night at 7:30 Eastern. Mary Gunn the host has a guest crafter on each week and they spin a wheel for 4 parameters they have to use in their cards. While they make their cards, they chit chat. Everyone watching can make a card too and send in a picture of the card they made. Everyone who sends in a card before the deadline is eligible for the prize drawing the next week. It is all great fun. This was episode #160.

The perimeters were card type of your choice, colors of a strawberry field, a chair and plaid or gingham. I decided to make a stepper card with the front porch of a pink white washed house on it.

The measurements for this and other stepper cards are in the Foldapedia section of the web site and linked below. If you haven't looked at the Foldapedia before then take a few minutes and look at all the templates and SVG for card bases there are.

Materials used

Stepper card base from above

Chair from Crafter’s Companion Staycation

Shop wheel from stash

Wood grain embossing folder

Window, bush, fence, porch, and grass are my digital designs

Pink cardstock 2- 1 x 3 ¾

Pink cardstock 4x5

Brown cardstock ½ x 5

Sanding block


1. Cut out and fold the stepper base

2. Use the wood grain embossing folder to emboss all the pink paper and brown paper

3. Cut the window, fence, chair, grass, and bush using items in your stash.

4. Glue the pink flush with the top of the card.

5. Glue the brown porch at the bottom of the pink house.

6. Glue the grass starting with the bottom of the porch and work your way to the bottom of the card.

7. Glue the bush and chairs into place.

8. Finish with the fence, one on each side.

9. Glue on a sentiment of your choice.

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1 commentaire

Rose Marie Ebeling
Rose Marie Ebeling
27 avr. 2023

Great! I love it ❤️

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