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Reindeer Light up card

Today we add a little something special to a card. I bought some EZ lights from Pear Blossom Press and boy these are fun. For my first try, I made a reindeer with a light up red nose and it worked just fine. Amanda from Pear Blossom has several great videos on her sight showing how to put the lights in various places in the cards. I have more lights to try so there will be more. A Christmas tree with the multilight and a light up Christmas star come to mind, so many ideas.

The reindeer is stamped and colored as usual then I cut a hole in his nose for the light to shine through. The hole was covered with 2 layers or red vellum and the light was placed behind it. You will nee 1/8 thick foam, like for a shaker card, to make room for the battery. The reindeer and Santa are from my stash but any reindeer and Santa will do.


Pear Blossom Press EZ lights

Gina K stamp - Make it Move Mins

Santa and reindeer stamp from stash

1/8-inch-thick foam

5x7 card base

4 ¾ x 6 ¾ red cardstock

4 ½ x 6 ½ white stamping card

Red and white scrapes for stamping sentiments and message

Scrap of vellum


1. Stamp the Santa and 2 reindeer on the white 4 ½ x 6 ½ paper. Use a black pen to add ground behind your stamps. Color as you wish.

2. Place the stamped images back in your stamping platform and place the light over the top, lining up the light over the nose. Place the “push here” stamp over the button area and close the stamp platform to pick up the stamp. Remove the light and stamp the “push here.”

3. Use a craft knife to cut out the nose where you want it to light up.

4. Stamp the reindeer on the vellum and color the nose red with an alcohol marker and allow to dry. Glue another piece of red colored vellum to the back. Cut around the head leaving enough around the nose so you can glue it over the nose opening. Glue over the nose opening. If you hold it up to the light it is easier to line up.

5. Insert the battery into the lights. Add temporary tape to the side of the light that says Pear Blossom Press and hold it under the stamped images matching up the nose and “press here” stick to the red mat. Remove the stamped images and trace around the light. Remove the light and add red line tape to the label side and place back in the marked area. Add foam all over the red paper, except where the light is. Be sure not to go to the edge since the stamped paper is smaller and will go on top,

6. Attach the stamped paper, lining up the light.

7. Glue to the card base.

8. Mat a sentiment and inside message of your choice.

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