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Infinity Gnome Christmas Card

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

An infinity or never-ending card is a simple card to make but it will dazzle the recipient. You can also change the way you decorate the panels for different affects. People of all ages really enjoy these cards not just children. They make a great Valentines or Anniversary card with a never ending love theme.

Card base

4 – 6x3 heavy weight paper scored at 1 ½, 4 ½

6- 2 ¾ x 2 ¾ 6- 2 1/2x 2 1/2

12- 1 ¼ x 2 ¾ 12- 1x 2 1/2

8- 1 ¼ x 1 1/4 8- 1x 1

Materials used

Crafter’s Companion Gnomes

Here is a template for a visual aid

infinity template
Download • 39KB

Directions -Be sure to watch the video so see how to stack the papers.

1. Cut and score 4- 6x 3 heavy papers scored at 1 ½ and 4 ½

2. Fold the papers in both directions several ties to get them loose

3. Lay 2 of the papers down on a table forming a square. Put the 6 in side across the top.

4. Draw a pencil line from the edge of the paper to the score lines 1 ½ inches down. This will form a 1 ½ in square in the corners.

5. Apply glue to the top right and left corner the top paper and to the bottom right and left corner of the bottom paper.

6. Lay the 3rd 6x3 paper on top with the corner of the3 in side on the matching the corner of the 6 in side of the paper with glue on it. This will form a L shape. Make sure the side is flush.

7. Lay down the 4 3x6 paper on the other side forming a square.

8. Allow to dry.

9. Decorate the inside as desired.

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