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Jack o lantern treat box

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This little pumpkin treat box measures 4 x 4 without the handle and is 1 1/2 inches deep. It's already to be filled with all sorts of Halloween goodies. It only takes a few minutes to make to boot.

There is a SVG for you to download below . If you can not use a SVG there is als a template below for your use.

pieces needed

2- pumpkin out lines

4- fat ovals

4- medium ovals

2- thin ovals

1 -face

2- stems

1 - 1/2 by 12 (handle)

1- 2 1/2 x 7 -scored at 2 and 5 along the 7 in side- scored 1/2 , 5 along the 2 1/2 inch side



pumpkin treat bag
Download PDF • 43KB


  1. cut out all the pieces

  2. lay the pumpkin outlines mirror image to each other

  3. start with the outside and glue the fattest oval in place leaving a small border.

  4. then glue the middle sized ovals using the outline shape as a guide.

  5. nest place the stem in place on the top

  6. Next place the thinest oval in the middle section.

  7. Repeat in mirror image for the other pumkpin

  8. Glue the Jack o lantern face on as you wish.

  9. score the 2 1/2 x 7 -scored at 2 and 5 along the 7 in side- scored 1/2 , 5 along the 2 1/2 inch side, fold along score lines

  10. Cut a small wedge out of the score lines at 2 and 5 on both sides

  11. place 1/2 tab the middle section along the bottom of the inside of the pumpkin making sure it is not sticking out

  12. fold us the side and glue making sure they are hidden.

  13. Fold down the taps on the other side and glue the other pumpkin on top.

  14. To arrach handle glue to the inside on the box.

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