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Crafter’s Companion 2022 Advent Calendar door 8-Infinity Shaker Card

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Today I made a 5 x 7 infinity shaker card with the contents of door 8. What makes this shaker different is that the whole front of the card is the shaker and is actually less bulky than a traditional shaker card. This is a simple card to put together but is a lot of fun for the recipient. The shaker can be made into any size card but should be a square or rectangle. Because of the simple 5x7 cut there is not a template or a SVG for this card.

Just like when the item was an embossing folder the type of item is in the directions. I couldn't write the directions without naming it. So open your door before you read the directions.

I hope you enjoy this video and give the infinity shaker a try. I hope to see you tomorrow for door 9.

Materials used

Crafter’s Companion 2022 Advent Calendar Contents of Door 8

White card


Shaker bites

Foam pads

Decorative die for the center- I used the gift die from the Advent Calendar last year.

Red liner tape

Gina K Potent Purple ink pad

Gina K Screamin green ink pad

Gina K Blaring Blue ink pad

Gina K Raging Red ink pad

Paper measurements

5x7 card base

5x7 white card

6x8 thin acetate- I used CC heat resistant


1. Stencil the stencil on the 5x7 white card

2. Die cut what you want to put in the center of the card.

3. Place the die cut in the center of the stenciled 5x7 using foam pads.

4. Score the acetate ½ inch on all 4 sides

5. Cut off the 4 corners of the acetate where the score lines overlap.

6. Apply red liner tape to tabs

7. Peal off 1 side of the red lines and place the stenciled card in the center of the acetate face down then fold down the tab.

8. Repeat with 2 more of the sides.

9. fill the card with the shaker bites of your choice.

10. Seal the 4 side

11. apply red lined to the back side edge (where the acetate tabs are) of the shaker and glue to the rest of the back and attach to the card base.

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