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Crafter’s Companion 2022 Advent Calendar door 15 torn paper

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

For today’s door I made a 7 x 5 tent fold card with torn paper on it. Depending on how you tear the paper you can choice to have a white edge or not. I choose not to have the white edge. This type of card comes together quickly and all you have to do is ass a greeting/ sentiment to the front.

Materials used

Crafter’s Companion 2022 Advent Calendar Contents of Door 15

White cardstock

Patterned paper

White stamping paper of your choice

Gina K- Petite Geranium set for greeting

Gina K amalgam ink -Obsidian

Paper measurements

5x7 card base

5x7 white stamping paper

5x7 patterned paper


1. Find the center of the 5x7 white stamping paper and stamp the stamp from the door.

2. Stamp another to the right and left of the center stamp,

3. Stamp another stamp and die cut it out.

5. Attach foam to the back and attach it over the center stamp.

6. Measure how far down you want the torn paper to go and mark the back of it.

Then tear along the mark you made.

7. Repeat for the bottom torn section.

8. Stamp your greeting on the right hand side of the torn paper you are using for the bottom.

9.Glue the torn papers to the top and bottom of the stamped card.

10. Glue the topper to the card base.

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