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Christmas stocking treat bag

This little stocking treat bag stands 3 ¾ inches tall and can be easily adapted to any width. The one I made is 1 ½ inches wide. I have examples of other widths in the video. I also talk about other variation ideas with embossing and print paper. You can even put a ribbon handle on them and make it an ornament. To make one you need a 10-inch paper ½ wider than you want the box to be. So, if you want a 1 ½ inch box make your paper 2 inches across by 10.


Cut out all the stocking pieces in the template or use the SVG and an electronic machine like a Cameo or a Cricut to cut it out.

10 x 2 red paper scored at 3 ¼, 5 ¼, 6, 7, 8

Embossing folder of your choice

template download

SVG download


1.Emboss the cuff, stocking, toe and heal as desires then glue into place. Remember they need to be mirror images of each other.

2.Fold the 10 x 2 on all the score lines then cut from the edge to each of the score lines to the ¼ inch make, include the score line itself when you cut. You can cut a wedge out of each if you would like but it is not necessary.

3.Apply glue to one side of the tabs and beginning with the largest section and the back (heal side) of the stocking work your way around the stocking gluing the tabs in place.

4. Place the stocking side down and apply glue to the top side of the tabs and place the other stocking on top. Flip the stocking over and using your finger, pen or bone folder press the tabs against the stocking.

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