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Accordion Card-SVG

This SVG makes the base and mats and layers for a 6x6 accordion card. To use download the SVG to your computer then open it in your machine’s software. Definitely watch the video if you have never made an accordion card before so you can see how the tabs fold. I would also suggest making one out of plain paper first so you can see how it folds. I keep one in my Foldapedia for reference. Once you have made one the rest will go right together.

Materials used

Pink and Main-Sweet Greetings

Crafter’s Companion Birds and Bloom

Paper sizes


3 frame bases

3 inside base pieces

4 frame mats

4 layers for decorating


1. Download the SVG.

2. Upload the SVG to your program.

3. Score all the tabs back and forth.

4. Glue the 3 frame bases together. Make sure the tabs on 2 of the panels face each other and the other faces out.

5. Glue the inside bases to the frames.

6. Decide what panel is going to be the front and glue on the frame mat and the 4th inside base.

7. Glue the mat frames to the other 3 panels.

8. Glue on the layer to each of the 3 panels and the card front,

9. Decorate the panels and allow to dry.

10. Close the card then attach the tabs of a panel to the back side of the next panel. They will be inside the outer frame.

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