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A Slider using a Glider

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

I found gliders for slider cards on the Simon says Stamps website. This replaces the foam dot and penny that is usually used. If you are going to mail your card, these gliders are lighter than a penny and foam. Also there are 2 types of gliders. One will allow you topper to rotate in a circle as it slides down your card. The other is labeled as a slider and will keep your topper straight when it slides down the card.

They do need a ¼ inch slot for the glider to slide in. Some of the slider dies you may have in your stash may be too wide for the gliders so be sure to measure your die before you cut into your card. In my video I show you how to cut a ¼ in slot if you don’t have a ¼ in die.

The stamp set is from Diamond Press and really screamed to be a slider car. I used to have a VW bug so I had to have this stamp set when I saw it.

For card

9x4 slimline card base

8 ¾ x3 ¾ mat layer

8 ½ x 3 ½ for card background

Materials used



Diamond Press Cruising By


1. Decorate the background for you card using a dark gray or black ink for the road and a light blue ink for the sky. If you leave a little white peaking through the blue it will look like clouds are in the sky.

2. Decide where you want your slide to start and end. MAKE SURE YOOR TOPPER WILL NOT HAVE OVER THE CARD. Use a pencil to make where you are going to cut the background.

3. Using a craft knife and a straight edge or a trimmer cut out a ¼ in wide slider opening if you do not have a ¼ inch die that will do the job.

4. Attach foam tape around the edges of the backside of the background. Also use foam around the top and bottom of the slider opening making sure to leave enough room for the slider to move freely.

5. Slide the glider into the slot you cut.

6. Remove the foam backing and attach to the mat layer.

7. Stamp any message you wish in the inside of the card.

8. Glue the front of the card to the base.

9. Glue the topper to the sliding mechanism.

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