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It's time to dust off the Cricut and Cameo

Updated: May 26, 2023

I love my electronic cutting machines as much as I love my die cutting machine but there are some things an electronic machine like a Cameo or a Cricut does a die machine just can’t do.

First, you can program your card folds into a Cameo or Cricut and then just load paper and cut it out. Cut 1 or 100 you only measure it once. I have about 75 card folds saved in my machine. They are in the foldapedia page of the website all ready to download. Also, if you need a lot of something you can set to cut a whole 12 x 12 paper at once. There are so many uses.

I am now on a mission to get these machines you spent good money on off the shelf and next to your die machine. I will be making short how to for both the Cameo (my preferred machine) and the Cricut.

We will begin with the shaped Happy Birthday card I made last week for Craft Roulette. These videos will have me popping out of a laptop on for the thumbnail.

I also have the notes I give out in my Cricut class I have been giving locally.

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