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Get Well pop out card-SVG

Here is the second card for my new stamps. This time it’s a 5x7 pop out card featuring the soup can and the bowl.

Everything you need to make this card is in the SVG in the ETSY store

You will have the mats and layers and the toppers. The pop out part will cut out from a single piece of paper that will need to be folded. Because some of the machines limit the size you can print and cut the patterned paper is seperate from the piece you cut for the pop out part. Print out the paper first then use that to cut the pop out part of the card.


  1. Print out the patterned paper for the pop out piece.

  2. Cut out all the pieces.

  3. Mat and layer the sentiments.

  4. Construct the card front following the picture.

  5. Starting fron the bottom fold begin folding all the folds on the pop out piece until you are able to fold it flat.

  6. Glue to the mat layer. Making sure the folds meet and you do dnot put glue on the partd that pop out.

  7. Glue on the inside sentiment.

  8. Mat and layer the card front and place foam on the heart and script sentiment. Attach to the front.

  9. Glue the pop out to the inside of the card.

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